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The Beyond Bubbie project started with participants of Reboot–a non-profit group designed to re-imagine the cultures, traditions and rituals of Jewish life–talking, and eating. And talking about eating.  We discovered that we had some powerful memories about food, memories that owed a lot to Bubbies both real and metaphorical, and we longed to bring those memories back to life.

So we came up with the idea to “reboot” the process of sharing of recipes by creating a place to link them to the stories that make them special.  This rebooting can take many forms: for some, it could simply be a place to remember and honor your Bubbie and for others, it could mean taking a beloved recipe and reinventing it for modern culture, sans mazto balls. Even still, it could be a place to incorporate ingredients from your childhood into your standbys.  Gefilte fish tacos, anyone?

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