Bubbie's Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to be Jewish to upload a story/recipe?

A: No. Bubbiephiles from any religious background, including Jewish (but, say, for Jesus) are welcome and encouraged to contribute.


Q: What’s a Bubbie?

A: See our “Who's Your Bubbie“ page.


Q: Can I submit a recipe without photos or a story behind it? Can I submit a story or photos without a recipe?

A: Yes, as long as it’s food related! Whether you have a recipe, essay, photo, or a scanned picture of a handwritten card pulled from an old recipe box, we hope you’ll share.


Q: How do I share my story/recipe with others?

A: Print it out, go to Kinkos, and make several hundred copies.  Buy some tape, and find well placed telephone poles, mailboxes, and bulletin boards in your community.  Or follow us on Twitter & Facebook.  


Q: Where do I find ingredients for these dishes?

A: Most ingredients should be readily available in your community.  If your recipe calls for a unique item please, whenever possible, provide tips on where it can be found–we’d appreciate it!  But seriously, this is 2016.  Shouldn’t you be harvesting kale from your rooftop?

Have a question we didn’t answer here?  Visit our Contact Us page and send us a note (by the way, would it kill you to pick up the phone once in awhile?)