Grandma Steinberger’s Dill Pickles

May 2, 2014

Author: Kim Samek



This is my great grandmother’s recipe. My mother has fond memories of going with her grandmother to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit to get the ingredients. This tradition has continued- but we go to the local farmer’s market. A whole day is spent washing the pickles, peeling the garlic and sterilizing the bottles etc. Then there was the production line of filling the jars. Everyone had a job. The hardest part was waiting 3 weeks to sample our work.


1 tbsp kosher salt

1 tbsp pickling spices

1 dried hot pepper

2-3 garlic cloves

Handful of fresh dill (unwashed)

Pickling cucumbers


Use wide mouthed glass quart jars. Sterilize jars in dishwasher. Sterilize lids and rings in boiling water.

In each quart, put in spices. Put in washed pickles. Cover with cold water. Close, shake and put upside down for 1 hour. Tighten lids again. Turn right side up. Let pickles stand at least 2-3 weeks.