My Grandma’s Lekach

August 12, 2013

Author: Yuliya Mazur

This is the one thing my father prefers over any desert. And I know why. It’s the one his mother made so often. My grandma was an amazing cook. Oh, I know every grandma was the best. But mine – she was truly amazing! When she was baking a cake, my friends must have had some premonitions – they just showed up at my door.


I have made the lekach so many times already, but there wasn’t one, when I wouldn’t remember her. I love cooking. I consider myself a pretty good cook. But I have a long road to go to reach the level of my grandmother – Surah bat Leizer. May her memory be for a blessing forever.


3 eggs;

1 cup honey;

1 cup sugar ( I use raw);

1 cup warm strong coffee;

1/2 cup vegetable oil;

2 teaspoons baking soda;

2 teaspoons pure vanilla;

1 teaspoon cinnamon;

1 teaspoon ginger;

1 teaspoon ground cloves;

2.5 cups flour ( you can use a mix of all-purpose and whole wheat);

Optional – candied citrus peel, dried cranberries, raisins or a mix of all;

Optional – 1/4 cup strong liquor – vodka, brandy, whiskey.


In a bowl mix eggs with honey and sugar. In a separate container add baking soda to warm coffee (watch the chemistry class in front of your eyes). Pour coffee into egg mixture.

Add the rest of the ingredients, pour into a prepared baking dish (I use round or square non-stick pan nicely greased)

Bake in a preheated oven (350-360 depending on your oven) about an hour.

Cool on wire rack. Then invert to a plate.

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